(New Link) 8movierulz sx mx tv: Download or Watch Online Latest Movies : Is it safe?

8movierulz sx 2020: COVID-19 has created huge chaos throughout the globe. Most of the countries have imposed lockdown and people can’t go anywhere. Movies theatres are closed. People are finding it difficult to entertain themselves. Most of the movies that were scheduled to release have been postponed to a new date. In this article, I will talk about a website named which is quite popular in India and sharing copyrighted content for free on their website.

What is 8Movierulz com

8movierulz is a website that share pirated content like movies, TV Series on their website for free for free downloading and watching online. They cover almost of all the movies from different region like Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada movies on their website. 8movierulz has been banned by the Indian government and the ISPs for spreading copyrighted content. However, they are still doing these stuffs by changing their domain name to new one.

Almost all the domain of 8movierulz is banned by the government in short period of time once it gets live. However they transfer their domain from old one to new domain to retain their old users.

Why 8movierulz sx is so popular In India?

8movierulz is one of the most popular pirated websites in India. The popularity of 8movierulz can be because of availability of all the movies from latest to old movies, from bollywood to south movies, etc. 8movierulz also has the largest number of tamil, telugu and malayalam movies on their website. As the south movies are very popular in south audience and they always look for these websites for downloading or watching. This may be one reason for the popularity of 8movierulz.

The popularity of 8movierulz can be induced from the fact it has monthly users of more than 12millions users according to ahref. Apart from it, its alexa rank is also below 10k which is quite good considering it changes their domain frequently.

Other reason for the popularity of 8movierulz is because they upload all the latest movies on their site at the earliers. As Indian love to watch latest movies and they search for the movies on google and they got 8movierulz website.

Histoty of 8movierulz 2020

8movierulz has became very popular nowadays. However, this was not the case earlier. When the website was launced, it mainly focus only telugu movies, tamil and malayalam movies. However as the time goes, they extended their footprints in both Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Now almost all the movies get leaked on the 8movierulz website as soon as it hits the theatre screen. 8movierulz has now got many competitors. However, they remain the most visited pirated websites in India for downloading movies and tv series.

Below I’m providing some of the old domain of 8movierulz

  • (LIVE)
  • 8movierulz plz
  • 8movierulz ms
  • 8movierulz ps
  • 8movierulz ht
  • 8movierulz ws

Is illegal?

India has strict copyright law and spreading content without the consent of the owner is a crime. So 8movierulz is illegal. Movies becaming prey to these pirated websites losses huge amount of money.

8movierulz has been banned by the Internet service providers on the order of Indian government. Many actors, directors, producers regularly complain about this website for spreading copyrighted content.

Is it safe to download movies from 8movierulz tv?

I would say NO. Downloading movies from pirated website is illegal in India. They were some cases earlier when person were jailed due to downloading or browsing content from pirated site. So to be on safer side, We recommend avoid using these pirated websites.

For some country, there is no copyright law and they can download anything even from pirated website. However, this is not the case in India as we have strict copyright law.

What are some of the similar websites like 8movierulz sx?

There are tons of similar websites like 8movierulz. Some of the best websites similar to 8movierulz are tamilrockers, cinevood, tamilmv, desiremovies, etc. Tamilrockers is quite popular all over India for pirated movies and tv series.

All of the above websites spread pirated movies or tv series without the consent of the content creator. This is the reason we recommend you to avoid these pirated sites. It may put you in danger. So choose the legal way to download movies or tv series. Below I’m listing some of the best legal alternatives of 8movierulz plz 2020.

What are some of the legal alternatives of 8movierulz 2020?

There are not much legal alternatives. However, the popular one are enough for all of these. Netflix Accounts and Prime Videos are the most popular legal alternatives of 8movierulz ms. Both of these streaming giants have huge amount of content from movies to tv series. Almost all the latest movies and tv series get released in either of theise two.

Apart from netflix and amazon prime videos, there are some more legal alternatives too like

  • Hulu
  • Voot
  • Alt Balaji
  • Popcornflix

How to watch movies for free in legal way?

We don’t have much option when we look for legal way for free movie downloading and watching. However there are some ways to do this like youtube.

Many channel upload full movies on their official channel for everyone to watch and download free. The only problem is that only section of movies get released on youtube and that too takes too much time for upload on youtube.

If you are looking for old movies then there are high chances that you will get it on youtube for free.

Final thoughts:

This was everything you need to know about 8movierulz 2020 website. This was important because to spread awareness of piracy and they are eating major chunk of producer’s earning. Apart from it, it was also necessary to make you aware of the risk associated with downloading watching movies from pirated website like 8movierulz 2020 plz.


This article is only for educational purpose. is against piracy and urge the readers to stay away from these websites. Choose the right way to download or watch movies.

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