Begineer’s Guide : How To Easily Start A Blog In 2020

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How To Easily Start A Blog In 2020

Now you know What is blog and Why to start a blog, Lets comes to How to easily make a blog in 2020.

Before starting a blog, You should consider your Niche. Lets see the main steps which we will cover here.

  • Choose your blogging platform
  • Decide what to blog about
  • Choose your domain name
  • Find a host for your domain
  • Install the Blogging Software and Start Your Blog
  • Design It & Use your blog
  • Choose Your Blogging Platform

The biggest mistake beginners make when starting a blog is choosing the wrong blogging platform. Thankfully you’re here, so you won’t be making that mistake.

There are many blogging platform available out there like wordpress, blogger, jumla, tumblr etc. But WordPress is the most popular out of all. There are over 80 million active users using WordPress today. More than 50% users uses WordPress as their blogging platform. Even all of my sites are built with wordpress. Find out the reasons why wordpress is most popular blogging platform out of all.

Why wordpress is the most popular blogging platform?

When we talk about wordpress then customization comes in our mind at first.

  • Highly Customizable : WordPress website are highly customizable. There are thousands of free themes and plugins that add more functionality to your blog, from contact and subscribe boxes to plugins that improve blog performance and more.
  • Its secure : WordPress always give you update time to time keeping everything safe and secure.
  • Easy to use : WordPress website are very Easy to use and set up

Note : WordPress have two option to select from. One is hosted and other is self hosted.

  • Hosted WordPress blog are free one and they are usually referred as “”. For hosted wordpress blog you dont have to pay for hosting.
  • Self Hosted Blog are the paid one and often referred as “”. For this you have to find out a host and pay for that.

Why Not To Choose Hosted WordPress Blog i.e has way too many restrictions and it’s not wise to keep blogging on a sub-domain. Wait, what is a sub-domain?

In short, you are basically blogging for another website. In this case it would be and your blog URL/link address will also be part of WordPress domain.

Here are some examples of blogs hosted on


Why To Choose Self-hosted platforms i.e

Self-hosted platforms allow you to run a blog on your own domain. Aside from following your domain registrar and web hosting company’s rules, you’re fully in charge of your blog and its contents.

You have number of choices when it comes to a self-hosted blog system (also called Content Management System or CMS). The most popular is

This blog option is called self-hosted because you will use your own web hosting space and name for your blog. It normally costs $4 to $8 per month for the web space (hosting account), depending on the company you choose, and $12 to $15 per year for the name (domain). The actual CMS is usually open-source and free.

Although we mentioned some free blog-hosting options, the best course of action is to own your blog, especially if you will be using your own copyrighted material (articles, drawings, photos, etc.). Pay a small amount of money every month, about the same as a Starbucks coffee, and you will build your own equity. If you plan to sell products, services, music or anything else via your blog, then paid hosting is the best way to go. Many hosting providers can help you maintain an ecommerce blog.

Decide What To Blog About

This is most important thing before starting a blog. Decide your niche in which you want to write and according to that choose your domain. Most of the bloggers don’t think about this and after setting up the blog they sort out this error.

So choosing the exact niche is the most important thing to became a successful blogger. Like you want to start a blog related tech and you were writing about food topic.

How To Choose Your Blogging Niche :

Example: If you’re part of a business, company or organization, then Your blog should be related to the product(s) or service(s) you provide, or the cause you promote not related to movies etc.

Choose Your Domain Name And Hosting Provider

Domain Name : This will be your personal blog address where people find you over and over again. For example Google’s Domain is Your new blog domain name will be, except you’ll choose what’s going to be behind YourNewBlog. You can purchase domain from Bigrock, Godaddy, Namecheap etc.

Users who know your domain/URL can simply type it into their browser’s address bar. Others will be able to discover your blog through search engines such as Google and Bing, so you definitely need to find a unique moniker.

Web hosting : This will be the home of your blog address and content that’s on the blog. Without web hosting, you’ll be unable to use your domain. Think of it as a computer hard drive that stores all your content on your blog (images, blog posts and so on). You can purchase hosting from Godaddy, hostgator, Bigrock, Namecheap etc. For begineer, I will suggest as it provide hosting at reasonable rate.

Install the Blogging Software and Start Your Blog

After hosting your domain, Just go to your website cpanel and install wordpress from there.

How To Install WordPress From Cpanel

1. First of all, Go to your cpanel, Type : “”.

2. Niw you will find dozen of small icons there. Just choose install wordpress from there.

3. On the next screen, you will be asked to select your domain name. Choose the domain from the dropdown and then click Next.

4. In the next screen, Choose your wp-admin username and password and also choose the theme from available one.

5. Now click on install. This will start installing wordpress. It will take 1 -2 minute.

6. Once WordPress is finished installing, you will see the success notice in the top header bar.

Congratulations, you have created your WordPress site.

7. Now just go to your website wp-admin and log in there.

To go to wp-admin, Type ‘’ and design your blog

Designing Your Blog

Now we’re ready to customize your site’s appearance and start blogging.

Selecting your WordPress Theme

The visual appearance of your WordPress blog is controlled by themes.

Here you have to choose your theme.

You can change your theme by going to your WordPress dashboard and clicking on Appearance » Themes.

Go ahead and click on the Add New button.

On the next screen, you will able to search from the 4100 free WordPress themes that are available in the official themes directory. You can sort by popular, latest, featured, as well as other feature filters (i.e industry, layout, etc).

Once you find the theme which you like, then just click and it will show install button. Click on it and wait for the theme to be installed. After that, the install button will be replaced with an Activate button. You need to click on it to Activate the theme.

Once you have installed your theme, you can customize it by clicking on the Customize link under the Appearance menu.

Creating Your First Blog Post

Now you have created wordpress and changed the theme which you like. The next part is how to write post.

To write your first blog post, click on the Posts » Add New menu in your WordPress dashboard.

You will see an editor area where you can write your first blog post. After writing the post click on Publish button to make the post live.

That’s it. In this way you can easily start your blog.

In the next article, I will tell you how to add adsense to blog. Stay tuned 🙂


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