Cam Newton Dressed in Stripes for His Patriots Physical


Cam Newton

Cam Newton, the New England Patriots‘ new quarterback came to his physical to join his new team dressed in a striped outfit that drew attention online during the July 4th holiday. The ensemble was vintage Newton, including one of his signature hats.

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Cam Newton Arrives in Foxborough

This is something that Patriots fans should get used to in 2020. Newton’s outfit on Saturday was possibly partially related to Independence Day and it looked as if it was tailored to show off the physique he’s been building ahead of what is set up to be his redemption season.

One user reminds us of just how flamboyant of a dresser Newton can be.

Newton was in town to take his physical to complete his new contract. I’d expect to hear it officially announced next week, assuming everything goes well.

No matter how you feel about any of Newton’s attire, it’s pretty safe to say, as long as he leads the Patriots to wins on Sunday, he could wear a rubber tube to the press conference and the fans wouldn’t care.

Cam Will Be a Culture Shock for Some

Here’s a shot from the files of the obvious: Cam Newton isn’t Tom Brady, but that’s not all bad. Obviously, there will be a sect of the Patriots fanbase that refuses to accept Newton because he’s too different from what they’re used to seeing as the quarterback of their team. He’s not a traditional pocket passer. His attire away from the football field doesn’t look as if he could be heading to a business meeting (though he might be considering his savvy in that area).

He celebrates with dances and other sorts of things when things go well, and yes that goes beyond the primal scream or fist pump you might have seen from Tom Brady, and let’s not forget the most obvious difference: Newton isn’t white.

If we’re being honest, there’s a lot of unspoken tension around that concept as some of the nastier sides of this dynamic creep into comment sections of Newton-Patriots articles across the country. Perhaps his play with the Patriots will provide something that everyone–besides Patriots opponents–can enjoy.

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