Exclusive – A Year Later, Cuban Dissident Exiled to Guyana Running Out of Options

Daniel Llorente Miranda marked one 12 months this month away from his native Cuba after Communist Party brokers pressured him on a one-way flight to Guyana. Trapped in a overseas land with no journey documentation, few revenue choices, and an more and more chilly shoulder from the United Nations, Llorente informed Breitbart News this week he’s operating out of choices for survival.

Llorente rose to worldwide acclaim in 2017 when, in an act of peaceable protest, he ran in entrance of Havana’s huge May Day parade waving an American flag. The May Day parade, observing the Marxist “International Workers’ Day” vacation, is one of the regime’s most outstanding occasions. Ignoring the reside cameras rolling, about half a dozen Cuban regime brokers surrounded Llorente, stole his flag, and beat him in entrance of a crowd of hundreds.

For that intransigence, Llorente spent barely over a 12 months – simply sufficient to hold him contained throughout May Day – in a infamous psychological establishment Cubans know as “Mazorra,” used for many years to torture political dissidents. Authorities informed his then-teen son, Eliezer, that “since he believes in God and is always talking about that … they say that is a disorder,” the youthful Llorente mentioned on the time.

Upon being launched in May 2018, Llorente resumed his pro-American, anti-communist actions instantly, leading to near-incessant persecution all year long. Then, all of the sudden, Llorente disappeared on May 16, 2019. With the assistance of Cuban-American information outlet Radio Martí and Guyanese journalist Leonard Gildarie, Breitbart News discovered Llorente in Georgetown, Guyana, that week.

Llorente estimates that he has been arrested for peaceable dissident exercise “15 to 20 times.”

Llorente didn’t to migrate from Cuba. He didn’t select to depart the nation. Llorente informed Breitbart News on the time that Cuban brokers pressured him on a flight to Georgetown and threatened to imprison him indefinitely, or worse, if he ever stepped foot in Cuba once more.

Since his ordeal turned public, the human rights group Cuban Prisoners Defenders has printed proof that the Castro regime has pressured a whole lot of pro-democracy dissidents into the identical destiny as Llorente: pressured expatriation, a one-way flight to anyplace however Cuba. Most have ended up in Guyana. The Guyanese authorities has refused to provide any clarification for why.

Breitbart News caught up with Llorente on Wednesday – Cuban Independence Day, which marked 118 years for the reason that finish of Spanish rule. Llorente mentioned that he spends a lot of his time searching for work in Georgetown, using his bicycle outfitted with American, Cuban, and Guyanese flags apart a photograph of President Donald Trump, round city. Guyana has provided neither an evidence for a way he received there nor any assist in serving to him set up himself.

As the anniversary of his abduction by Cuban police neared, so did the tip to the few sources of assist he has acquired since arriving, together with his asylum seeker certificates from the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) workplace and the small stipend they’ve supplied to hold him afloat.

“On April 30 of last year, the UNHCR interviewed me for my asylum application and, until now, they have not responded and I have had no contact with the UNHCR as they do not respond to my messages,” Llorente informed Breitbart News on Wednesday. “It all indicates that they have cast me aside, like they don’t want to know anything more about my situation.”

In March, Llorente wrote a letter to U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Gutérres asking for assist in clarifying his standing in Guyana and discovering a spot to settle safely and completely. At the time, Llorente additionally expressed worry of the excessive ranges of crime in Guyana, significantly in relation to studies of elevated assaults, together with a murder, towards Cubans within the nation. The letter went unanswered.

“Honestly, I feel very bad in this country, as I can’t have a social life, the money that I earn working only covers food and the rent was being paid by the UNHCR, and this month they have not responded to my requests for help, I am already behind on payments and I don’t know what I’m going to do,” Llorente added.

He defined that his failure to pay the hire within the small room that he has stayed in since December was not the product of not wanting to work.

“I have worked washing cars, in construction, picking up raw materials, helping at store warehouses, painting homes, landscaping, washing dishes at a restaurant, and now I am working in the same hotel where I live, cleaning and doing maintenance,” he defined.

Llorente is a taxi driver by commerce, however his incapacity to talk in English has hindered his probabilities of discovering jobs nearer to his ability set in Anglophone Guyana, as a substitute forcing him to hunt down the odd guide labor gig.

“Since I don’t dominate the language well, if I solicit them [potential bosses], they don’t pay attention and justify it by saying they can’t understand me, but they also don’t show any interest because they don’t seem to want to help foreigners,” Llorente noticed. “They give foreigners the hardest work for the least pay.”


Llorente famous that he might quickly be homeless, cast exterior throughout a time through which Guyanese authorities are encouraging social distancing and staying at dwelling to diminish the injury attributable to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. At press time, Guyana has documented 125 instances of Chinese coronavirus and ten deaths.

On May 28, he’ll face one other downside: his solely authorized documentation for being within the nation, his UNHCR asylum-seeker certificates, will expire. He mentioned he doesn’t know what occurs to his authorized standing as soon as that expires, as he has not been in a position to contact any official in both the Cuban or Guyanese governments. He has tried to attain out to the U.S. embassy in Georgetown, however was informed that they can’t course of asylum requests except he’s in America.

Llorente mentioned, nonetheless, that he’s most displeased with the United Nations, as they’ve an obligation to observe up together with his asylum seeker standing and have stopped answering his calls.

“The UNHCR is obligated to look out for me, but they don’t want to deal with me to avoid helping … and, to think, the U.N. for years has helped the Cuban dictatorship, which is the cause of the problems of the Cuban people,” Llorente informed Breitbart News.

Cuba served two consecutive phrases on the U.N. Human Rights Council concluding in 2019. The Castro regime has made a bid to return in 2021.

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