How To Fix Attempted To Downgrade Extension In Chrome Browser 2020

Last updated on January 12th, 2020 at 12:30 pm

How To Fix Attempted To Downgrade Extension In Chrome Browser 2020?

When you try to install an extension from your computer (not from Chrome Web Store) by dragging and dropping it onto Chrome extensions page, you may get error like  ‘Attempted to downgrade extension’,. If you are not getting this error then this article is not for you. And if you are getting then see how to overcome this error.

Why We Get This Error?

When we add any extension in Chrome then it is in its packed version and its format is .crx. This is the compressed file which contains different files and folders. So we have to unpack it in order to install as a developer.

How To Unpacked Extension To Solve Attempted to Downgrade Extension Error 2020.

In order to install the extension to Chrome, You have first unpacked it. Here is the step by step guide on How to unpack the extension.

1. First of all, Go through your C Drive and open Program files folder (if windows is 32 bit) and Program Files x86 (if windows is 64 bit).

2. Now you will see the folder software whose extension you want to install. And then find the .crx file in that folder.

3. Once you get the .crx. Just copy it on at any other place (better to copy on desktop).

4. After copying it paste in on any other place (prefer desktop as it will be easy to locate).

5. Now just change its file extension from .crx to .zip. Dont worry about you can change the file extension type. just rename it from .crx to .zip. That’s it, you have successfully changed the extension type.

Ex : If the extension name is myextension.crx then just replace .crx with .zip and now it will look like this

6. After changing the extension, Just open it with any extraction software and extract it.

If you have winrar, then right click on the file and Click on “Extract Here”.

That’s It. Now you have successfully unpacked the extension. The next step is to install the extension in chrome browser. Just follow this simple steps.

How To Install Unpacked Extension In Chrome

1. First open Google chrome and go to extension page.

2. Now you will see a option Developer Mode, If this is unchecked then first check it in order to install the unpacked extension.

3. Now you will see two option there, First one is “Load Unpacked Extension” and other one is “Pack Extension”.

4. Just click on Load Unpacked Extension. Now you have to select the file which you have extracted in Step 6.

5. After selecting it, Just click on Ok and confirm the New Extension Confirmation Message.

That’s it. In this way you can easily solve this problem.

The above method will work for any extensions having the same error. That’s it for now. Hope you like this article, If you have any query related to this then feel free to comment here.

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