Can We Download Any Documents From Scribd For Free – Free Scribd Downloader 2020?

Nope. You can only download that documents which is available for free to view or download. But to access Scribd’s full library of bestsellers and new releases, you’ll have to purchase a membership. But Dont worry in this post you are going to learn How to download scribd documents for free. 

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1st Method (Download Scribd Documents For Free) : By Uploading Document to scribd.

This is the easiest and 100% tested method to download any documents from scribd for free. Just follow the steps and enjoy scribd documents for free.

1. First of all, Go through

2. Now register a new account there. If you already have then just log in there.

3. After sign in, Just go through the documents which you want to download or view.

4. Now just copy the url somewhere.

5. Click on the download option. Now it will take you to subscribtion page/

6. Now just skip this step and click on ‘Select files to upload’ button which is on upper portion.

7. In this step, you can upload any document. If you dont have any document then just type anything on notepad and save it and then upload it here.

8. Provide the title and description of that document and save it.

9. Now paste the url which you copied in step 4.

10. There you will see a download button. Click on it and download it.

That’s it. In this way you can easily download scribd documents for free 2018 without paying a single dollar. I have been using this trick for long time and it is still working. So It will work 100% for you too. If it doesn’t then check the 2nd method.

2nd Method (To Download Scribd Documents For Free) : Using Page Source (Free Scribd Downloader)

This method is the easiest method of all the three as it does not require any login or sign up. I always prefer this way although i have the mixed result using this method. Sometime this method will not work and shows some error like invalid key etc. But most of the time it worked. So try this method to download documents from scribd for free.

1. First of all, Go through and find the document which you want to download or view it.

2. Now just right click on anywhere and click on ‘View Page Source’.

3. Now you have to search theaccess key of that document. To find this, Just hit CTRL+F and it will open the search bar. Now type access.

4. You will find the access key. Just copy it somewhere else as you need this in the next step.

Note : The access key look like “key-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

5. Now just go back to document which you want to download or view and note down the document id from the url. See the below example to find out the document id from url.

Ex: In this url, The document id is 190365780

6. After getting both of these, Just replace these access id and document id in the below url