Inside story of Masters winners’ favorite green jacket moments

“Seven Days in Augusta: Behind the Scenes at the Masters” (Triumph) by Post golf author Mark Cannizzaro, who has lined the previous 25 Masters (examine), is on bookshelves now. It dives into every thing from the par-Three contest to the lengths some will go to get tickets to the event’s historical past. This is an excerpt, from the chapter The Green Jacket.

It’s not essentially the most trendy garment you’ve ever seen. It’s not even value that a lot cash, believed to be valued at about $250. It’s only a green jacket. And who wears green jackets, anyway?

Augusta National members do. So do Masters champions. The green jacket is to golf what the Lombardi Trophy is to the NFL or the Stanley Cup is to the NHL. It’s the head of awards for golfers, essentially the most iconic trophy within the sport.

The Pantone 342–coloured green jacket was first awarded to Masters winners in 1949, the 15th Masters. Augusta National members have been the primary to put on the green jacket; it was launched as a way for members of the general public to identify them amongst the group throughout event week.

Bobby Jones, the co-designer of Augusta National, attended a dinner at Royal Liverpool Golf Club the place membership captains have been all carrying matching membership jackets. That’s the place the thought of the green jackets was born.

The first have been purchased from Brooks Uniform Company in New York, however the members discovered them to be uncomfortable, made of too-thick materials.

Arnold Palmer into the green jacket with the help of Jack Nicklaus after winning the 1964 Masters.
Arnold Palmer slips into the green jacket with the assistance of Jack Nicklaus after his win within the 1964 Masters.AP

Since 1967, the jackets have been made by Hamilton Tailoring Company out of Cincinnati, with the tropical-weight wool materials sourced from Dublin, Georgia. The brass buttons are made in Massachusetts. The breast-pocket patch, with the membership’s emblem, is sewn in North Carolina.

The jacket belonging to the winner of the primary ever event, Horton Smith in 1934, was offered at public sale by members of the family for $600,000.

Each Masters winner is given a jacket. Regardless of what number of Masters they’ve received, although, they’ve one jacket, and it resides of their locker on the membership. For instance, Jack Nicklaus has received a file six Masters, however he doesn’t have six green jackets.

Green jacket holders are forbidden from taking them from the grounds of Augusta National. The solely exception is the present winner, and he can solely have it off the premises for the 12 months after he’s received it.

Tournament winners are given a brief jacket after they win earlier than having a personalized match delivered within the weeks following their victory. Then they’re required to return it to the membership upon their return to defend the title.

Gary Player is the one participant to have damaged the rule. After his 1961 win, Player returned from South Africa together with his green jacket after which misplaced in a playoff to Arnold Palmer in 1962 and went again dwelling with it to South Africa.

“I win the tournament and I assume when they put the jacket on you, that’s your jacket,” Player mentioned. “I’m so excited; I depart and I am going dwelling to South Africa with the jacket. Three days later, I hear this name, ‘Gary, this is Clifford Roberts here.’ I mentioned, ‘I hope you’re not calling me reverse prices,’ as a result of you realize, you needed to make him snort somewhat bit as a result of he was fairly a dour man. He mentioned, ‘I believe, Gary, you’ve taken the jacket dwelling to South Africa.’

“I mentioned, ‘I did, Mr. Roberts.’ He mentioned, ‘Nobody ever takes the jacket off these grounds whatsoever.’ So, I assumed in a short time, and I mentioned, ‘Mr. Roberts, if you want it, come and fetch it.’ He noticed the lighter facet of issues and he mentioned, ‘Please don’t ever put on it in public.’

“It’s not like today. If you win today, you can wear it in public for one year. That didn’t apply then. I put a plastic cover over it and never used it again until I came back.”

Sergio Garcia, who won the 2017 Masters, wore the green jacket at Wimbledon.
Sergio Garcia, who received the 2017 Masters, wore the green jacket at Wimbledon.AP

Nicklaus joked, “Can you imagine in those days Clifford Roberts going to South Africa to fetch Gary’s jacket?”

“Only a 40-hour flight in those days with no jets,” Player joked.

Tom Watson recalled the primary time he received the Masters, in 1977, the jacket he obtained wasn’t his measurement of 42 common. Augusta National often sizes up potential champions, however as an alternative gave him a 46 lengthy. “They didn’t assess my size very well,” Watson mentioned. “It didn’t matter to me.”

Nicklaus, too, had a measurement snafu. His first was a 46 lengthy and his measurement is 43 common.

“The next year when I came back, they didn’t ask me to go get a jacket, never mentioned my jacket,” Nicklaus recalled. “Tom Dewey had a jacket, former governor who misplaced to Truman within the presidency. His jacket match me, and I wore his jacket for most likely 15 years, perhaps longer. Nobody ever talked about, ‘Do you have your green jacket?’ I had Tom Dewey’s. I by no means acquired a green jacket. Finally, I received six Masters and nonetheless no one had ever given me a green jacket.

“I told the story to [then club chairman] Jack Stephens in 1998 and Jack Stephens said, ‘What? You’ve never been given a green jacket?’ I said, ‘No. Nobody’s ever mentioned it.’ So, I got back the week of the tournament and he says, ‘You will go down to the pro shop and you will be fit for your green jacket,’ which is the one I wear now.”

Tiger Woods, writing about his 1997 Masters win in his guide Unprecedented: The Masters and Me, recalled: “After much celebration, I fell asleep fully clothed and hugging the green jacket like a blanket.”

Over the years, some gamers have had some enjoyable with the jacket of their 12 months as champion. Sergio García, the 2017 winner, seemingly wore it each place he went.

“If I told you everywhere I took it, I will probably miss my tee time on Thursday,” García joked when he returned to Augusta in 2018.

The most vital place García wore the jacket was at his wedding ceremony to Angela Akins three months after his victory.

He additionally wore it to the “El Clasico” soccer match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, to Wimbledon for a Rafael Nadal match, to the New York Stock Exchange, and to quite a few tv studios for quite a few visitor appearances.

At one of the TV appearances, he hugged a stagehand who apparently had oil or grease on his shirt, which stained the jacket. “I’m thinking, ‘My God, I’ve had the jacket for a day-and-a-half and I already have two massive stains on it,’” García recalled, saying he took it to a dry cleaner. “I think people know I’ve worn it and I don’t like to show off and wear it left and right. At the end of the day, you’ve got to respect how iconic the jacket is. It’s not just a piece of clothing. It means so much more than that. You have to be very respectful of it and wear it when you should, not all the time.”

Jordan Spieth, the 2015 winner, recalled the sensation he had as soon as he realized the jacket was his to put on for the 12 months.

“It’s once you leave the property, that’s when it really hits you,” Spieth mentioned. “When you stand on the green it’s one thing, but you’re kind of thinking about what you want to say and how you want to thank everybody who made it possible. It’s not until I left the property that I truly kind of felt what it was like to wear the jacket, and wear the jacket I did, for a year. It didn’t leave my side.”

Patrick Reed, who won the Masters in 2018, has a laugh with Chris Rock at a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden.
Patrick Reed, who received the Masters in 2018, has fun with Chris Rock at a Knicks sport at Madison Square Garden.Anthony J.. Causi

Phil Mickelson was photographed carrying the jacket to a Krispy Kreme doughnut drive-thru in 2010. He, too, as soon as joked that he would put the jacket in his golf bag and pull it out if it was chilly on the course.

Three-time winner Mickelson, ever the needler and sensible jokester to mates, mentioned, “I wouldn’t carry three jackets around with me but I would say, ‘I’ve got two more, if you’re cold as well.’ ”

Patrick Reed, the 2018 winner, was requested about his favorite reminiscence with the jacket.

“It would have had to have been right after we won and right after I got done talking in the press conference, right after we finished,” he recalled. “I went again to Butler Cabin, and my daughter was there, and he or she simply came to visit and gave me an enormous hug and instructed me I did it and instructed me she cherished me. That is by far one of the best expertise I’ve ever had with the green jacket.

“That’s a memory and a moment that I’ll never forget, no matter if I were to win multiple other green jackets. It’s going to be hard to be able to top a moment like that that I was able to cherish with the little one.”

He did have a humorous alternate whereas carrying the jacket to a Knicks sport at Madison Square Garden.

“It was on a Monday night, [my wife] Justine and I were at the Knicks game and were sitting courtside for the first time,” Reed recalled. “I had Chris Rock proper subsequent to us. A pair seats down is 2 Chainz. He simply type of retains trying down, and you’ll inform he’s type of trying down like, ‘All right, this isn’t the traditional man that sits in these seats; who’s that?’

“And then when they announced me during one of the timeouts, then a couple minutes later there was a timeout and he just kind of reaches over, and he kind of touches the jacket, and he goes, ‘So that’s the real thing, huh?’ I’m like, ‘Yes, sir, yes, it is.’ It’s pretty cool to see just kind of the wide variety of people no matter what their background is, no matter what their age is or anything, how many people recognize the green jacket. I just think it’s such a cool thing how many people recognize what the green jacket is and what it actually stands for.”

This excerpt of “Seven Days in Augusta: Behind the Scenes at the Masters,” by Mark Cannizzaro, is offered with permission from Triumph Books. For extra data or to order a replica please go to


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