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As you are here, So you must be looking to download movies, TV Shows, Games. Softwares etc. Right? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. In this article, I am going to tell you about the Rarbg proxy & rarbg unblock mirror sites so that you can download your favourite movies, Tv shows, softwares and games for free. Also I will share the best rarbg alternatives that you must consider.

Rarbg Unblock Mirror Sites 2020 : RARBG is a website, founded in 2008, that provides torrent files and magnet links to facilitate peer-to-peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol. It is counted as the one of the most popular torrent site in the globe. Not only its one of the oldest torrents search engines around, it is one of the most reliable source to get your data downloaded via torrents or the bittorrent protocol.

With the advent of many torrent blocking ISPs and Government regulations, they started blocking the rarbg torrents. Hence, the site owners came up with various rarbg mirrors and rarbg proxies so that the users can continue to download their torrent data for free. The RARBG Proxy will have the same content, layout, and updates as well. The only thing is RARBG Mirrors sites operate with a different domain name and extension.

RARBG Proxy : It was a big support to all those who want to download movies in HD quality, tv series, games, softwares etc. The interface was pretty simple and downloading any content from it was a cup of tea. Each torrent site were verified by the rarbg staff. They were regularly checking its speed, authencity, quality etc. So there were very less chances that your downloaded content will differ from what the title says.

As these types of websites allow piracy so ISP and many countries ban it from the internet. Many countries and ISP providers block these sites directly and do not allow its users to access its content.  These become very problematic as you will never be able to open them, this is where the proxy comes in. Here are some countries where RARBG torrents is blocked.

Blocking and censorship of RARBG torrents 

RARBG is blocked in the following countries:

CountryDate of block
Saudi Arabia2 April 2014
United Kingdom27 November 2014
Denmark27 March 2015
Portugal26 October 2015
Belgium3 January 2019
Indonesia10 October 2017
United Arab Emirates8 June 2018
Ireland18 January 2018
Australia18 August 2017
Finland7 June 2018
Greece 15 May 2019

List Of RARBG Proxy 2020 | RARBG Mirror Sites 2020 | RARBG Unblock Proxy 2020

If you have come here for working rarbg proxy or unblock mirror sites then you are at the right place. Here we are providing many latest and 100% tested rarbg proxy mirror sites by which you can browse any content from the torrent without any problem. I have manually checked all the links at the time of writing this post. If you find any broken link then please comment in the below comment section 🙂

(Updated) OFFICIAL RARBG Proxy Sites 2020

If you are having issues with any of these RARBG proxy sites then you can just let us know in the comment section below. So just go ahead and try these sites to download your favourite content like movies, games, softwares etc for free. For your precaution and protection, it is better to use VPN to turn ON to mask your IP address. As torrents are going popular, many law enforcement is trying to break them down. After all, downloading any content from torrent sites is illegal and may put in the harm’s way. There are many free VPN that are available that you can use while browsing any torrent sites.

Unofficial RARBG Unblock Proxy Sites | RARBG Mirror Sites 2020

RarBG Proxy/Mirror



http://rarbg4-to.unblocked.lol/ONLINEVery Fast
https://rarbgunblock.com/ONLINEVery Fast
rarbg unblock/ONLINEVery Fast
Rarbg proxyONLINENormal
http://rarbg-to.proxydude.red/ONLINEVery Fast
http://rarbg.com.torrentprox.com/ONLINEVery Fast
rarbg unblockONLINEFast
https://rarbg.immunicity.cab/ONLINEVery Fast
Rarbg ProxyONLINEVery Fast
Rarbg UnblockONLINENormal
https://rarbg.unblocked.cab/ONLINEVery Fast
Rarbg unblockedONLINEFast
https://rarbg.unblocked.plus/ONLINEVery Fast
Rarbg unblockONLINENormal
Rarbg unblockedONLINENormal
https://rarbg.unblocked.pub/ONLINEVery Fast
RARBG Mirror SiteONLINEVery Fast
RARBG Proxy MirrorONLINESlow
RARBG UnblockerONLINEVery Fast
RARBG Alternate SiteONLINEFast

How to download from RARBG Proxy Sites & RARBG Unblock Mirror Sites 2020 :

1. First navigate to the site. I have provided some of the latest and working RARBG proxy sites. So just open any one of those.

2. Now search your favourite content which you want to download.

3. Now you will get a tons of option with that particular search keyword. Just click on the one which looks authentic.

4. Now there you will get a link “Download Magnet”. Click on it.

Thats it. In this way you can download your favourite content from the RARBG Torrents for free without getting into trouble.

How to access RARBG Proxy 2020| RARBG Mirror Sites 2020?

Here is how you can access RARBG Unblock Sites.

  1. First of all, try to look through your settings. Disabling Firewall and removing Internet protection might help resolve the issue. If it still persists then you should go with a VPN. Try accessing the RARBG proxy website by through VPN protection and change your location to a country where the site has not been blocked.
  2. TOR BrowserTOR (The Onion Router) is a group of individual networks which helps us in anonymous communication. That means you can use this browser and unblock any restricted website.

Alternatives Of RARBG Unblock Proxy Sites 2020 

There is no doubt that RARBG is one of the best torrent websites for downloading movies, TV Shows, Games, Softwares etc. But what if RARBG proxy sites also stopped working? Then we just go for its best alternatives. We are listing some of the best alternatives of RARBG unblock sites 2020 which is equally good in all aspects.

1. 1337x

1337x  is the another torrent website which is quite popular among users.. A popular torrent website like 1337x that gives you the freedom to download your favourite movie, TV shows online.

As the name suggests, this is a straightforward torrent website that offers you to download various movies, TV series, games, softwares online.

2. Kickass Torrent

rarbg unblock mirror sites, rarbg unblock proxy sites

The next in our list of RARBG alternatives is another popular torrent site and that is Kickass Torrents. Well, they are Kickass for sure.

Kickass unblock sites have everything you will ever need. From classic movies to the latest releases, it is a top alternative to RARBG torrents.

3. Extratorrent

Extratorrent is yet another best alternative site to RARBG. The website provides a directory of torrent files and magnet links. According to torrent freak, Extratorrent Proxy Sites is the 2nd most visited torrent websites in 2018.

Why was RARBG banned? 

RARBG allow piracy as these type of websites contain different types of pirated content like movies, songs, softwares, games, tv series and newly released content. Due to this, content creator loses huge amount of revenue. This was the reason the government  and ISP decided to ban RARBG. But there were many RARBG proxy sites already developed by the worker and the user. So it was impossible for the government and ISP to ban all of these sites. RARBG unblock proxy is similar to other torrent proxy servers.


Download your favourite content from the RARBG unblock proxy sites for free without getting any trouble with the help of RARBG proxy and RARBG unblocked mirror sites 2020. All of the RARBG proxy server were manually checked by me at the time of writing this post. If you find any site not working then please comment below.

Hope this article has come helpful to you in getting an active torrent site. We will be updating the condition and add more new sites as and when they become active. You can bookmark it and return if any site gets a block. If you liked this article, then do share it with other extratorrent users.

These sites are working fine for now and if you know about a few more sites like these, then make sure you drop them in the comments section and we would be seeing that and adding to the list.


This article is only for educational purpose. We dont spread piracy or promote it any way. This article is to advise our users not to download any movie from the torrent website or any pirated illegal website.

For your information, according to law, if someone is caught downloading movies from any pirated websites, then the person can face a fine or jail or both.

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