Recover Your Youtube Videos That Youtube Has Deleted Due To Copyright Or T&C 2020

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In this article, I will teach you how to recover your youtube videos 2018 that has been removed by YouTube for violating terms of service or due to any copyright issue. This is not a method on recovering videos that you yourself have deleted.

Earlier today, I uploaded a bunch of videos that had been removed BY YouTube. I thought that those videos had been removed forever! But after doing lot of research, I finally got a trick to recover that youtube videos. So lets proceed to the steps.

If the YouTube deletes an account holder upload, it is very likely because the content violates the company’s Terms & Conditions, which the account user has agreed to when they click “accept”. YouTube is under no obligation to maintain a copy for an author’s later retrieval. In fact, the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) and other Privacy Rights organizations doesn’t want YouTube to keep copies in order to protect the user’s privacy rights.

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But dont worry, Here is the trick by which you can easily recover that youtube videos if it is removed by youtube for violating their Terms of service or Due to copyright issue.

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Requirement :

  • The YouTube video must still exist in your dashboard.

Steps To Follow To Recover Youtube Videos That Were Removed By Youtube 2020

1. First of all go though your Youtube Video Manager and Click on the video that has been removed by youtube.

2. Now change the url as stated below

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If URL is this : then change the watch?v= to embed/. Now the URL will look like this

3. Now go through the above link. There you will get your video. You can also play it and download it.

4. For downloading the video, Just use IDM or Eagleget.

Or Use the below method,

⇒ Open Google Web Console, go to the Network tab, then play the YouTube video.

  •  To go to Console : Right Click > Inspect > Console

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⇒ In the Google Web Console, right click the Name of the largest Size column entry, copy and visit the link

⇒ Hit the download button to download the 360p version of the video

That’s  it, In this way you can easily download/ recover your youtube videos which has been removed by youtube due to copyright issue or due to violating their terms of service.

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