(UFM Controversy) SSC Aspirants trend #MODIJI_HelpUs to Change The UFM Rule

Many SSC students despite getting very good marks failed to clear the exam due to UFM or Unfair Means. The “unfair means (UFM)” rule of SSC has given zero marks to many candidates who had appeared for the descriptive paper of SSC CHSL 2018 Exam.

Many aspirants are venting their anger on SSC regarding the UFM rule and demanding the commission to change the UFM rule. Today a mass twitter campaign has been organised by the SSC Aspirants to form the committee ASAP. Hashtag #MODIJI_HelpUs is trending on twitter to attract the attraction of Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the childish UFM rule of SSC.

Earlier SSC has released official notification which states “in view of the representations received by the Commission, dealing with the above issue, the Commission has decided to constitute a committee of experts to examine the matter and give its recommendations for the consideration of the Commission”.

Why controversy over UFM?

In the notification of SSC CHSL Descriptive Paper, it is clearly written as “Not to write any Personal Identity”. However, In the cover page of Question-cum-Answer Book, it is written “Not to write any Personal Identity (Real or Imaginary)”.

This is what creating the controversy. How can SSC change the rule for UFM without releasing any proper notice regarding the same. The word Real or Imaginary was added on the answer sheet just before the descriptive paper of CHSL 2018 exam, while this word was nowhere seen in the SSC official Descriptive paper Notice.

Here is what the SSC notification reads for UFM…

Unfair Means (UFM) Rule for Descriptive Paper in SSC notification states that “Candidates are strictly advised not to write any personal identity e.g. name, roll number, mobile number, address, etc inside the Answer Book. The candidates who fail to adhere to these instructions will be awarded zero marks even if marks are awarded during the evaluation process”.

In addition, the following instructions were also given on the cover page of the Question-cum-Answer Book of the said examination:
“Candidates are strictly advised not to write any personal identity (real or imaginary, e.g. name, roll no, mobile no, address, etc (other than the name and address given in the question) inside the Answer Book otherwise their Answer Book will not be evaluated and they shall be awarded zero marks.”

What are Aspirants Demand?

It is the demand of the students that the UFM i.e. Unfair Means Rule be removed and the result of CHSL Tier 2 Examination should be released again. Apart from CHSL exam, this rule should be removed before declairing the CGL 2018 Tier 3 exam and MTS exam.

Here is what SSC has to say regarding the UFM controversy…

A notification released by SSC clarified that “It has been observed that a majority of candidates have followed the instructions of the Commission meticulously. However, 4560 candidates did not follow the instructions of the Commission and mentioned their identities (real or imaginary, e.g. name, address, mobile number, etc) inside the Answer Books. On the basis of the identities (real or imaginary) inside the answer book, identities of the concerned candidates can be recognized at the evaluation stage and hence all these candidates have been rejected under UFM by awarding zero marks. The action of the Commission in rejecting 4560 candidates is, as such, in accordance with the instructions of the examination. ”

Candidates Outrage on Social Media over Unfair Means (UFM) Rule

Candidates who have been given zero marks over UFM or Unfair Means Rule in SSC CHSL Tier-2 2018 Descriptive Paper are making complaints and requests on social media to scrap or change the SSC UFM rule.

Earlier #SSC_IMAGINARY_UFM and #SSC_UFM were trending on Twitter. Millions of candidates tweeted equally. Though thousands of candidates have failed due to UFM rule, but in addition to these candidates thousands of students have also become a part of this campaign.

A mass campaign regarding the same is scheduled on 6th May at around 11am on twitter. Hashtag #MODIJI_SaveUs is widely shared on the social media platform from the morning of 6th May.

Candidates are complaining that by writing mere imaginary address and numbers on address, they have been given zero marks under UFM or Unfair means Rule. They have made a lot of request to the SSC Officials over social media to look into the matter and give justice to the candidates who have faced the wrath of UFM Strict & Harsh Rules.

What is UFM or Unfair Means?

If a candidate is found using unfair means during the examination he/she will be disqualified from the exam. UFM or Unfair Means will lead you to Zero Marks in the paper irrespective of how well you have written the paper.

  • As per the UFM or Unfair Means rule of SSC, any candidate who uses “real or imaginary” names in the answer sheet will be disqualified. Revealing identity is strictly prohibited exams conducted by the SSC.
  • If a candidate does not stick to the format of the letter and mentions the address of the receiver in case of an informal letter or adding irrelevant personal information to the letter, in that case, the candidate will be awarded zero marks.
  • If a candidate writes his/her name anywhere on the answer sheet or by mistake you sign at the invigilator’s column, then, in that case his/her answer sheet will not be evaluated and will be awarded zero marks.
  • Candidate cannot write any real or imaginary phone number, address in the copy.
  • Some people put stray marks or even do rough work on the backside of the response sheet. Such stuff is strictly prohibited and can even result in the loss of marks. This also comes under the UFM category and hence must be avoided.
  • Writing unnecessary information other than mentioned in the paper will lead to zero marks. For example, if there is an address is given like Mohit, a resident of Delhi. If the candidate writes Mohit Kumar, House No 56, Sector 1, Delhi then it will be considered an unfair means and he/she will get zero in the paper.
  • Not filling the important things such as Roll no., sign, left thumb impression also comes under UFM.
  • While writing an essay, if a candidate crosses the word limit by 10% then this may lead to loss of marks. However, this will be not considered as Unfair Means.

Types of UFM or Unfair Means

As of now, We only know two types of Unfair Means. The first one is due to Unfair Means due to Address and second is due to Unfair Means due to Name.

Unfair Means Name/ UFM Name: This is given when a student writes any name other than given one in the paper. Even the name like Choti or Anuj is considered as UFM due to Name.

Unfair Means Address/ UFM Address: This is given when a candidate writes some personal or anything other than the address given in the paper.


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