Top 5 Neflix TV Series to better understand Science

Coronavirus has created havoc throughout the globe and many are self-isolating or staying at home/ So to avoid boredom, Here we are recommending 5 documentary series that allow you to better understand the science during confienment.


It was released early this year on Netflix, Pandemic is a documentary series which presents the heroes of the anti-flu front and their efforts to stop the next global epidemic. At the time of the health crisis that we are going through, this series is now viewed under a new eye. Through the testimonies of healthcare staff and scientists, this program shows the state of emergency in which they find themselves, aware of the inevitability of pandemics. It is not a question of whether the next pandemic will occur but when it will occur. Pandemic shows how specialists are preparing, what lessons they learn from previous viruses and the means used to deal with the problem.

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The Mysteries of the Universe focuses on cosmology, astronomy, and astrophysics. This series invites us to discover the most distant planets, black holes, and other celestial mysteries thanks to explanations by scientists and animated sequences. The spectator explores the sun, the moon, Jupiter as well as the place of our galaxy in the universe. This show is available for anyone above the age of 7 and can be seen with the family.

The Mind, Explained

A series that deciphers both the surge in cryptocurrency and the madness of K-pop, here is Le Cerveau, in brief. As its title suggests, this mini-series focuses on the mechanisms of our brain: dreams, memories, anxiety, mindfulness, and psychedelics are in turn the subject of an episode. Narrated by  Emma Stone and created in collaboration with the American educational media Vox, this short format (20 min) is easy to understand and accessible to a large audience.


Carried by two big names in cinema ( Darren Aronofsky in production,  Will Smith in presentation and narration),  One Strange Rock showcases the beauty of the Earth through breathtaking images that go from the infinitely small to infinitely large. Recounting the different stages which led to the creation of our planet, this series involves eight astronauts who deliver their reflections on it seen from above. They explain in particular how we breathe in space and on Earth and how the brain has evolved into a complex machine capable of almost everything.

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It is based on genetic manipulation and the ethical questions it raises. The screen is shared by researchers, doctors, and bioethicists as well as biohackers activists. The latter, in their garage or their house and thanks to YouTube tutorials, experiment on them the technologies of genetic modification and promise to eliminate diseases. This mini-series explains what CRISPR-Cas9 is, the genome modification tool, a real revolutionary technology that could make us super-humans.


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