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How To Turn Off Windows 10 Automatic Update 2018- 100 % Working

turn off windows 10 automatic update 2018
Written by Abhishek Kumar

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Here is how you can Turn Off Windows 10 Automatic Update 2018. Read the whole article to know..

On Windows 10, you no longer have full control over software updates. They’re required, and they download and introduce automatically to ensure that your device stays up to date with the most recent security patches and enhancements. This approach is helpful for some users, however it’s not one that everybody needs. Follow this trick and turn off windows 10 automatic update..

In case you’re running Windows 10 or higher, it’s possible to retake control and keep the OS from downloading and introducing refreshes consequently utilizing the Local Group Policy Editor.

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Steps To Follow To Turn Off Windows 10 Automatic Update 2018 : 100% Working Method

Here I am going to provide two methods by which you can easily turn off windows 10 from downloading the latest update.

Note: Failure to keep your operating system updated can leave you with security vulnerabilities. If you turn off automatic updates, you should still manually check for updates on a regular basis.

Method 1 : To Stop Windows 10 Automatic Update, Follow this latest and 100% working method 2018

1. Press Windows Key + R to open Command.

2. Type the following line into the Run dialog, and press Enter.


3. Now once it open, Browse the following path:

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update.

4. On the right side, double-click the Configure Automatic Updates policy.

turn off windows 10 automatic update

turn off windows 10 automatic update 2018

5. On the left side, check the Enabled option to enable the policy.

stop windows 10 automatic update

trick to turn off windows 10 automatic update 2018

6. Under Options, you’ll find a number of ways to configure automatic updates, including :

  •  “Notify for download and notify for install.”
  • “Auto download and notify for install.”
  • “Auto download and schedule the install.”
  • “Allow local admin to choose setting.”

Note : The best option from all these four is – Notify for download and notify for install. This option will prevent the windows from downloading updates automatically and you’ll get a notification when new updates are available.

7. Now just choose from this option and Click Apply.

That’s it. In this way, you can turn off windows 10 automatic update.

How To Download The Update After Turning Off Windows 10 Automatic Update

When new updates are released, you’ll receive a notification, but updates won’t download and install. To download and install it, do the following :

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on Update & security.
  3. Click on Windows Update.
  4. Click the Download button.

How To Turn On Windows 10 Automatic Update ?

To disable this later, go back to the Group Policy editor by following the same procedure, double-click the “Configure Automatic Updates” setting, and then change it from “Enabled” to “Not configured.

Method 2. – Use A Metered Connection 

If you set your wifi network up as Metered Connection, Windows will stop automatically downloading updates. This trick works even if you are not on an actual metered connection.

Steps To Do To Turn Off Windows 10 Automatic Update 2018:

1. First Open the Settings app.

Select Start > Settings

2. Now Click on Network and Internet.

3. In the left panel, Choose WiFi

4. Click on the name of your Wifi network

5. Scroll below to Metered Connection

6. Slide the toggle to On position.

turn off windows 10 update

turn off windows 10 automatic update 2018

That’s it. In this way you can easily turn off windows 10 automatic update. Remember that Windows 10 Automatic Update is necessary to keep your pc safe from vulnerabilities. But dont worry, You still can manually update by following the above method.

Hope this article on ‘How To Turn off windows 10 Automatic Update’ helps you. If you find this article useful, then dont forget to share it with your friends so that it will reach more and more people.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have some difficulty then feel free to share your problem in the comment section below.



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