How To Record Screen On Windows 10 For Free: Two Easiest Way 2020

Last updated on February 17th, 2020 at 03:57 pm

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Here in this article, I am goint to tell you How you can record your desktop screen for free in a easy way. 

The first one that I am goint to tell is Bandicam. This is a awesome software to record the screen. This also works on all windows. The best part is that you can record 10 minute clip with the Free version of Bandicam which will be enough, i think. It leaves a small watermark but that is not a problem because it is small not like the one which we see in Filmora Video Editor where the watermark takes the whole screen. You can purchase the premium to remove all these restrictions 😛

About Bandicam : Bandicam is a PC app that records your entire screen and saves the recording as AVI or MP4 video files, or as common image files like JPG. Bandicam Screen Recorder is very popular game and screen recording software which makes it possible to record a certain area on a PC screen, or a program that uses the DirectX/OpenGL graphic technologies. Bandicut Video Cutter is super-fast video cutting software which allows users to trim parts of video quickly while keeping the original video quality. “Bandicam Company” also provides Capture Library (Bandicam SDK) and Video Library/SDK which are used in major game companies such as Nexon, NCSOFT, Tencent, Ubisoft etc.


METHOD 1 : How To Record Screen On Windows 10, 7 & 8 With Bandicam

1. First of all, Download the software from their official site. Click Here To Download 

2. Once it downloaded, Install it and open it. The interface is very simple. You will easily understand how to record the screen.

3. Now just go to the Screen Recording Mode.

how to record screen in windows

4. Click the Red circle to reocrd or stop.

Thats it, In this way you can easily record screen in any windows whether it is Windows 7,8, 10. 

Note : You can record a maximum of 10 minute clip with the free one. After 10 minute the video recording gets stop.

Method 2 : How To Record Screen On Windows 10 With Build In Screen Recorder 

Windows 10 comes with a inbuild screen recorder by which you can record the screen in your Windows 10. This is only available for Windows 10 So if you are not on Windows 10 then use the first method.

1. To record a video, Just press Windows Key + G.

2. Now you will see a message : “Do you want to open Game Bar” along with a check box which reads “Yes, This is a Game”.

how to record desktop sreen

3. Just tick on that and a simple interface will be there where you can easily record the video or can also take a screenshot.

record screen on windows

4. To record the video, Just click on the red icon or press Windows + Alt + R to start the recording.

Note : If you wait too longs, then the Game Bar disappears, In this case again press Windows + Alt + R

5. To stop the recording. Click on the square box.

record desktop screen in windows

6. After the video gets stopped, you will see a notification that “Game Clip Recorded”

How To View The Recorded File

You can view the clip via the Windows XBox app or also from the external folder.

To view the recorded clip in folder, Just click on output folder in the Bandicam and it will open that folder for you.

Thats it, In this way, you can easily record screen in your windows PC for free.

Final Words On How To Record Screen On Windows 10

Bandicam is the one of the best free software to capture screen by which you can record your windows screen easily. The free version also gives us 10 minute recording time which is enought for most of the users. The only disadvantage in using free version of Bandicam is that it leaves a watermark. But it is not that irritatiog as the watermark is small. Pre Loaded Screen Recorder in windows 10 is also a easy way to record the video. The only disadvantage of this is that it is only available for Windows 10.


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